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Cala Grande Ranch

Cala grande ranch was established in 2007 however has a long rich history. The elevation change, rich soil and abundant water in Richland Creek provided an ideal place for Indians. The 1,150 acre farm later was share cropped by 8 families with many of the original buildings still in tact. Cotton was the crop of choice for many decades until cattle became the main focus of the ranch.

In fact the property was owned by Beauford Jester who served two terms as the Governor of Texas. After that transition from cotton to cattle, the landscape of the property began to change. Trees and brush began to take over the once fertile cultivated ground. Over three miles of Richland Creek provides not only beauty but a wonderful resource for wildlife and livestock.

The land continues to be operated as a successful cattle operation but wildlife in this area has thrived. The large oak, pecan, and elm trees provide cover and nutrition for the continuously growing deer herd and exotics that exist on the property. With the addition of four new lakes and over 120 acres of food plots it has really become an incredible place for big whitetail deer and many other species of wildlife.

It provides a wonderful place for people to experience the outdoors and enjoy the natural beauty. Located only 55 miles south of Dallas, 45 miles east of Waco, and 185 miles north of Houston this ranch provides a place to meet that is close to home but far from the city. It would be my family’s pleasure to have you join us and enjoy this beautiful property.

Jeff Nelson
Ranch Manager
Cala Grande Ranch